About Me

2012-12-Dec-NewYear'sEve-TheTree-Iffley-Oxford 089I’ve worked around the criminal justice system for about 13 years; I care about restorative justice, social justice, dignity and respect. I love beautiful words and pictures. I’m inspired by things that fly and things that grow, espcially people and trees.

I’m curious and I like journeys, humanity, questions, possibility and oportunities. These are the things I tend to write about here, under three broad headings.



My non-fiction posts may be about experiences and themes linked to my work – especially restorative justice or the criminal justice system. I also write more broadly on the themes I’ve already mentioned, maybe in response to something I’ve seen, a converation I’ve had, or something I’ve read elsewhere.


I’d never written a word of poetry until October 2014, but now I have it keeps on coming, for good or ill.


I haven’t posted any fiction yet, but I’m working on it…

I’d really welcome comments on my posts – please be constructive and polite if you’d like to say something.

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