Take me away from the world

And feed me love

Let me bathe in understanding

And drink down a sense of myself

Pour into me a joy for my own soul

And a peace with my battered heart


Take me to a place where

I can breathe in equanimity

And exhale the churning tide within

Let me walk in self-kindness

Give to me the self I am

And let me celebrate her


I want to swim in a sense of purpose

And dive straight for the tiller of me

Make my own wake

Show me how to float on self-esteem

Become the buoyancy surrounding me


I want to learn my shape, to feel the space I occupy

Push back against my flesh…just enough

Help me find the right consistency of air

To know and be known

To meet its pressure, just so, just there


Or else let me settle 

Here in still, silent numbness

To watch the stars go out


2 Responses to “Unperson”

  1. Unperson or fully a person? Anyway, beautiful words – thanks for sharing them.

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