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The Choice

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I’ve had a falling out with my heart
She brought me to a dangerous yet beautiful place
I came willingly, open-eyed
But now I need to return, I find she won’t allow it
We are stuck here
So my choice is to stay with her, and the pain
Or to leave without her
She is wayward and wild, my heart
Stubborn and cruel to me
Yet she is wise and true
I’ve always trusted her
Wherever she takes me
She’s taken me to joy, pain and grief
To beauty,darkness and love
Never to peace, though
She has never taken me to peace
Perhaps it is time for peace
Perhaps we should part ways now
My heart
And me


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Bubble Burst - Jason Way Photography - Getty Images

Bubble Burst – Jason Way Photography


Bring another bubble

They don’t last long

My thoughts are too sharp

To preserve iridescence


Bring another bubble

And reflect to me

That world of ours

You paint so well


Bring another bubble

Breathe deep

And exhale long

It’s all I need




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Reem Al Ghaith - Held Back

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Dangerous love,

Broken beauty,

Locked cage.

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Art from Reem Al Ghaith’s ‘Held Back’ exhibition


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Dark Beauty by Miumi-U– • –

Soul splitting rush

Scatters truth like leaves;

Through knowing forest

Crashes boundless creation.


Insatiable rays drive

Light forward, through;

Eye beyond fathom,

Infinitely seeking.


Flames of encyclopaedic beauty

Fuse beginning to end

In limitless genesis

Of journey’s thrall.


Kaleidoscope wings

Beat in eternal space,

Thrumming awe to distant stars,

Defying essence of beyond.


Your worlds beget worlds,

Your light sparks light.


Refract my life into wonder.

– • –
Art: Dark Beauty by Miumi-U from


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Hold my heart for 5min that I might not feel so much
 – • –

You kiss my head;
It makes me feel like
I am utterly
Contained, yet free;
Held, yet offered;
Wrapped close,
Yet given to the world;
So presently alive and full,
Like heat reflected back;
Moving stillness of
Love’s gravity;
You kiss my head
– • –
Art: ‘Hold my Heart for Five Minutes that I might Feel so Much’ by Frances Lozear