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Standing in sun-dusted fields of lavender

Soul scorched by umbilical tears

Wind-thrown hair whipping primal salt

To bring the wounds again


Heart beats convict’s rhythm

Locking you within me

Spectre’s twin of my own self

Tangle-twisting our entities


Absorbing a wonder I long to witness

From by your side

I glimpse a shadow of us walking together

In the distant hinterland


Transcendent beauty perpetually provokes

This bittersweet ghost

Your eyes rooting me to this Earth

And everything beyond


So far from home, yet there she is still

Unwanted heart tracing your beat

Emotion’s futile friction

Drags scalding heat through my veins


Gratitude for finding you wages war

With bitterness for losing you

In these ripe fields with eternal tears

And transformative light

Losing a Ghost

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Nothing has changed…

Still I wake coldly alone

Visit friends on my own

Sign cards from me only


Nothing has changed…

Still I cook for one

Share my space with no other

Discuss my bad day with thin air


Nothing has changed…

So why has everything changed?

Why is everything empty?

My phone newly redundant?


Why is my day so thin?

My world so bare?

My life so diminished?

The man who wasn’t there…


Image: Vanishing Point by United Visual Artists



Tend to Me?

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I spent today
Pulling out all the weeds
And dead things from my garden
It looks terribly bare
I’ve left it untended for too long
I’m uncertain how to fill
These hungry spaces
Perhaps the tiny, struggling
Remains of previous endeavours
Will grow again
I haven’t the heart
For putting in the work, though…
New beauty please
But tidy?

The Choice

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I’ve had a falling out with my heart
She brought me to a dangerous yet beautiful place
I came willingly, open-eyed
But now I need to return, I find she won’t allow it
We are stuck here
So my choice is to stay with her, and the pain
Or to leave without her
She is wayward and wild, my heart
Stubborn and cruel to me
Yet she is wise and true
I’ve always trusted her
Wherever she takes me
She’s taken me to joy, pain and grief
To beauty,darkness and love
Never to peace, though
She has never taken me to peace
Perhaps it is time for peace
Perhaps we should part ways now
My heart
And me


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Bubble Burst - Jason Way Photography - Getty Images

Bubble Burst – Jason Way Photography


Bring another bubble

They don’t last long

My thoughts are too sharp

To preserve iridescence


Bring another bubble

And reflect to me

That world of ours

You paint so well


Bring another bubble

Breathe deep

And exhale long

It’s all I need



Strange Skies

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Stormy Skies by Marcus Sam

Things get lost
Picked up
Put down

Warm Streets
Cold homes
Strange skies

People get lost
Yet changed

Warm Streets
Cold homes
Strange skies

Hearts get lost

Warm skies
Cold streets
Strange homes


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Lost Love


I am filling up

With all the conversations

We need to have


Unspoken words

Issue from my eyes

Every day


Each sunset

A new and infinite



Heart smashing

On shores of another

Impotent moment


for_my_lost_love_by_celtica-harmony_deviantartFor my Lost Love by Celtica-Harmony on


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Reem Al Ghaith - Held Back

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Dangerous love,

Broken beauty,

Locked cage.

> • <

Art from Reem Al Ghaith’s ‘Held Back’ exhibition


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Mist_by_turkishbutterfly on Deviant Art


Art: ‘Mist’ by Turkish Butterfly (on Deviant Art)


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New Horizon by Carla Bonomo

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You are the passport,
The vessel,
The destination.
You are the forgotten map;
Veins of budding reality
Trace the newest page;
You are the passport.
You are the right pilot;
Draw loud horizons closer
Through fast, pressing air;
You are the vessel.
You are the secret place;
Heart’s newly discovered home,
Dwelling-place of me;
You are the destination.
You are the passport, the vessel.
The destination.

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